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Discover new trails to the Clay Pit Ponds

If you have trekked through Mead Garden lately, you probably noticed all the newly planted azaleas northeast of the Legacy Garden Greenhouse. What you may not have seen is a small opening amidst the azaleas. Here you’ll find the hidden entrance to a new trail leading down the slope to the historic Clay Pit Ponds.

A few steps onto the trail, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a lush sub-tropical oasis, surrounded by native flora and fauna, overlooking the breathtaking lily ponds. Not only beautiful, these ponds serve a purpose. They are part of the city’s storm water management system.

Come discover and explore for yourself! The trails have been freshly etched by Mead volunteers and need natural enthusiasts to walk them. If you’re counting steps in your exercise routine, a full loop is approximately 1/8 of mile. 

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Article | by Dr. Radut