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Fall Birding in Mead Garden

The main wave of migrants have mostly moved on through, heading south to their winter homes. However, walking around Mead you can still see quite a few palm warblers and yellow-rumped warblers. The palm warblers can be identified by their constant up and down tail bobbing. The yellow-rumps have a bright yellow spot on their backs just above the base of their tails. You should also hear the the Eastern phoebes calling out their name: “fee' be”.

Our resident barred owl can usually be seen dozing in a tree at the south end of Alice's Pond. This year, we are lucky to have a red-headed woodpecker in the Garden. The red-bellied woodpecker is very common, but this is one of the few red-headed woodpeckers ever seen in Mead. The red-bellied has a red streak down the back of its head and a black and white barred pattern on its back, while the red-headed has a solid red head and a bold black and white back. Our red-headed woodpecker seems to be setting up house in the trees in "Warbler Corner" at the very south end of the park and has been occasionally seen in the dead trees off the boardwalk. 

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Article | by Dr. Radut