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Camellia Care and Propagation Workshop

Saturday, March 22, 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m.

The beautiful camellia blooms that you see from October to March at Mead Botanical Garden and throughout Central Florida are the result of plant care that begins each Spring. At this workshop, you'll learn from the experts of the Camellia Society of Central Florida what it takes to achieve fabulous blossoms, glossy green leaves and healthy bushes. These are the same folks who help care for the camellias at Mead Garden with fantastic results!

When: Saturday, March 22, 2014, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Where: Mead Botanical Garden, 1300 S. Denning Dr.

Cost: $5 donation

To register, email info@meadgarden.org (Registration not required.) 

Contact: 407-599-2800

You'll also learn how to air layer (propagate) to produce new plants from old favorites.

The endless variety of colors, sizes, flower forms (single, semi-double, double) and ever green leaves make the camellia a real favorite in Southern gardens. With the right care and techniques, by next year at this time, the bushes in your yard -- including newly planted ones -- can be showstoppers, too! 

MBG Inc. thanks the members of the Camellia Society of Central Florida for their faithful care for the camellias at Mead Botanical Garden.  For more information about the Camellia Society of Central Florida, visit www.camelliacfl.com or call 407-466-0431.

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Article | by Dr. Radut