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A Not So Serious Salute to the Night-blooming Cereus

It's an impromptu party -- and you're invited!

Come celebrate this once-a-year event and raise a glass with us to the night-blooming Cereus! 

For 364 days a year, the night blooming cereus is pretty ugly. So much so, you might wonder why anyone would even want this tree-climbing cactus in their garden.   
Oh, but wait...  
On one fantastic night, typically in early June, this plant (located just inside the entrance to Mead Garden) bursts forth with the most spectacular, unusual blossoms. They appear to be straight out of a Dr. Seuss story. In gardens throughout the south people venture out late into the evening to witness the blooms.
It's such a wonderful sight you simply must see it for yourself!
The cereus buds are giving signs that the party is about to begin. We don't know exactly when it will happen, but we're holding watch.
To showcase this magical once-a-year event, we're "scheduling" an impromptu Night-blooming Cereus Celebration. When Mead's night-blooming cereus decides it's time, we'll spread the word (thank goodness for Twitter!), gather in the garden and raise a toast to this most amazing bloomer.
We'll be posting progress updates on Twitter (listed as Mead Garden). When the time is right, we'll let you know that the blossoms of white are a'bloom in the night!


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Article | by Dr. Radut