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Thank you to MBG's generous supporters!

The Mead Botanical Garden Trustees give special thanks to the following for their recent plant donations:

  • Brown and Marianne Reeves contributed over 20 Spathiphyllum plants from their personal garden. These are planted near the entrance of the newly etched path to the Clay Pit Pond.  
  • Steve Foster donated over 40 large azaleas to the Legacy Garden. All 40 azaleas are thriving! (see photo, top right)
  • Bill Frazier, who is one our Mead “Dream Team” volunteers, donated a Phoenix sylvestris palm from his extensive palm collection at home. (see photo, bottom right)

Mead Botanical Garden Inc. especially wishes to recognize:

  • Ben Weiner and the Winter Park Wealth Group for the generous $1,500 gift in support of the Young Naturalist Summer Camp.  
  • Members of the Central Florida British Car Club for the wonderful $200 donation. Congratulations on another successful car show!
  • Macy's and all who participated in the Macy's Heart Your Park Campaign. Macy's partnered with the National Recreation and Park Association to help raise awareness and funds for local parks. Through the program, Mead Garden received a generous gift of $250.  
  • City of Winter Park Public Works Facilities Management team --  Troy Attaway, Steve Mathes, and Kris Stenger -- who worked to remodel the Little Environmental building. It's beautiful and cool! Great job!

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Article | by Dr. Radut