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Discover new trails to the Clay Pit Ponds

If you have trekked through Mead Garden lately, you probably noticed all the newly planted azaleas northeast of the Legacy Garden Greenhouse. What you may not have seen is a small opening amidst the azaleas. Here you’ll find the hidden entrance to a new trail leading down the slope to the historic Clay Pit Ponds.

A few steps onto the trail, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a lush sub-tropical oasis, surrounded by native flora and fauna, overlooking the breathtaking lily ponds. Not only beautiful, these ponds serve a purpose. They are part of the city’s storm water management system.

A Cereus Celebration, Seriously!

Thanks to all who came out to see (and raise a glass to) the night-blooming cereus. It put on a spectacular show on Monday, June 16, and by Tuesday morning, the buds had all closed up and dropped to the ground. Now, this unassuming cactus will all but disappear into the background until one midsummer's night next year when it will once again come alive in a striking display of blooms.  

Tonight's the night! The Cereus is about to bloom!

Wine at 9... til 10:30. Come celebrate with us and raise a toast to this beautiful flowering cactus!

All indications are tonight's the night.
The rain won't stop this spectacular sight! 
If you can't make it by the Garden tonight,
Try and stop by before dawn's early light!

So, if you're "serious" about seeing the "cereus," come on out to Mead Garden tonight!

A Not So Serious Salute to the Night-blooming Cereus

It's an impromptu party -- and you're invited! Come celebrate this once-a-year event and raise a glass with us to the night-blooming Cereus!

Organic Gardening Series: Harvest and Seed-Saving

Saturday, May 17, 2014 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

Learn when to harvest your crop at the perfect time. Terry Meer of Green Education Center will explain the difference between crops planted for compost, for food, and for seed collection, and will look at several methods of seed collection and storing for future planting seasons.

More information at www.greeneducationcenter.com or call 321-445-1395.


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