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Volunteer Profile: Bill Frazier

If you’re seeing more and more palms around the garden, we have Bill Frazier to thank for his selective donations! Bill is one of MBG's devoted "Dream Team" volunteers. He joined MBG in 2011 as our first volunteer to work with horticulturalist Randy Knight in restoring the Legacy Garden and Greenhouse. Over the years, he has worked effortlessly at bringing back the gardens and the legacy of T.L. Mead by contributing his own personal collection of palms. 

Bill enjoys being part of MBG because he has made such wonderful connections and long-lasting relationships with other garden volunteers. Almost every Tuesday and Friday mornings, you’ll find Bill working on a project, harvesting MBG’s mangoes to share, or telling great jokes to start off the day with a laugh! Mead Botanical Garden especially thanks Bill for all his hard work, shared knowledge and special kindness he brings to each and every one of us.


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Article | by Dr. Radut